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Hi folks. I’m Randy of Bigdady Rods. Let me tell you a little about me and the rods that I make. I’ve been fishing for more than 60 years and in that time I found that you only get what you pay for. I started out catching my first trout at the age of 5. I still remember that day and I still remember that stream where I caught that wily brookie. I even remember the first rod. I’ve caught my share of fish since then, but I’ve found that along the way, the fishing rods that I used were less than perfect. I started with a hand me down but soon purchased my own when I was young enough to save up some money and buy my own. In my pursuit of the perfect rod, I found that not one rod could be used for all occasions. By the time I was 12, I had a small collection of rods. Even in that, I found that the rods were still just adequate in their own. I was given my first fly rod for my 12th birthday. This opened up a whole new meaning of fishing for me. I still have that rod, along with the memories that it brought to me.

While searching for that perfect rod, I found that the factory rods that were massed produced didn’t always fit everyone. These rods had only the minimum number of guides and cheap reel seats. These rods lasted long enough to get me through half of the fishing season at best. Where was the quality? I then discovered custom made rods. When I held my first custom rod in my hand, I knew that was the rod for me. But the cost!. I was paying many times the cost of a store bought rod. I found the quality, now how can I find the affordability?

Factory rods are made by people, so why can’t I just make my own? With a lot of research and trail and error, I found that almost perfect rod. The rod that I built. I can pick out my own action, my own length, and even my own handles. I can make a rod that fits me, not some rod that fits many. So, what can I do for you? Simple. Let me build that rod for you. Let me show you the experience and craftsmanship that I put into all my rods that I build. There a lot of rod builders out there and most build nice rods, with a nice price to go with it. I feel that everyone needs a good rod to fish
with, even if it just one. Why should they pay a high price for it? I try to give my customers more for their money than just a nice rod. I give them something to be proud of. Fishing is a sport and we should all use the best equipment that we can afford to compliment that experience. My customers

So what can I build for you?? I can do just about any kind and type of rod. Spinning, casting, or fly, freshwater or salt, it doesn’t matter. Lets sit down and plan your next rod together. We make our own custom cork handles, and reel seats in house. We customize the rod to your reel, if you want, for that optimum performance. We offer personalized names on your rod along with any special event. We build our rods with top quality components and stand behind every rod we build. We’ve even gone further than most warranty claims and we do our best to serve your needs.

I could tell you about all the rods that I made or how long I’ve been building rods and brag about all that I’ve done, but in the end, it doesn’t help you with your rod. Customers are interested in their rod, not the people before them. Even some car companies have been making autos for almost 100 years and they still make a lemon from time to time.

Did I ever find that “perfect rod”. Not yet, but I’m working at it, one rod at a time…. Lets get together and build you a memory….

– Randy

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